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  • When the Weird Turn Pro

    There is a headspace you sometimes get into on road trips. Or a headspace that I tend to get into, anyway. In this particular case, it was the pernicious result of a hangover, a couple Reese’s, a bag of cheese puffs, some strong coffee and three surreal days of seeking chukar. I was driving home, […]

  • I got da blues dis mornin’….

    Dawn on the first day of deer season. The cracking reports of high caliber rifles, some of them sounding more apt for buffalo or urban warfare, can be heard in the valley below. We gratefully stand on the ridge high above as dawn light strikes the far side. We are at 8000′ in mixed blue and […]

  • Excerpts from a Quail Quest…

    From the Upland Lexicon of Essential Euphemisms (3rd Ed.): Main Entry: 1quest Pronunciation: \ˈkwest\ Function: noun 1) Typically used in retrospect, to summarize the unsuccessful pursuit of an elusive, small bird in a big land. 2) An attempt to put a valorous spin on failure. 3) Also used in place of such platitudes as “it’s […]

  • In the Hall of the Chukar King

    Out of breath, I stop to leave a little water in this otherwise dessicated landscape. Looking down, I note that my boys are as red as chukar legs in that detached, objective way not uncommon to moments of pain and survival. This trip is beginning to take a toll on me. Looking up, I survey […]

  • The Borderline

    “Pour me a drink from the bottle And one for you ’cause we’re empty as the desert As we drift from west to east On the borderline everything is empty, even you and I…” – “Borderline,” by Camper van Beethoven We hunt the fringes, the transitions, the anomalies. We gravitate to this without much conscious […]

  • Wild quail or pellet-head?

  • Walking In

    He froze in textbook style, and for a moment all thought of pursuit, of what we had come in search of, was gone. I stood there marveling at how I hadn’t taught him to do this, how I doubt that you really can. But there he was, locked up; the graven image of a genetic […]

  • The End of Days

    You could count the number of days remaining in the Idaho sharpie season on one hand. It had been a tough year, with a bird or two here and there, but the coveys were few and far between. Still, with the help of an up-and-coming first-season pup we managed to put one in the bag […]

  • Of Trust and Hope

    If you’re of the sentiment, as John Buchan was, that fishing is “a perpetual series of occasions for hope,” I’d highly recommend trying to finding birds out here: You will walk farther than you think, and look back to see that you’ve put precious little landscape between you and where you started. You’ll find yourself […]