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  • Waving the white flag

    My first gun dog, a pudelpointer I bought fresh out of grad school with almost no research¬†into other breeds, pedigrees, or breeders, has made a wonderful family dog.¬† She’s gentle with our toddler, keeps my wife happy with her minimal shedding, and has been a serviceable companion both in a duck blind and in chukar […]

  • Chasing Chuks

  • When the Weird Turn Pro

    There is a headspace you sometimes get into on road trips. Or a headspace that I tend to get into, anyway. In this particular case, it was the pernicious result of a hangover, a couple Reese’s, a bag of cheese puffs, some strong coffee and three surreal days of seeking chukar. I was driving home, […]

  • In the Hall of the Chukar King

    Out of breath, I stop to leave a little water in this otherwise dessicated landscape. Looking down, I note that my boys are as red as chukar legs in that detached, objective way not uncommon to moments of pain and survival. This trip is beginning to take a toll on me. Looking up, I survey […]