The Point

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire.”

– G. Mahler

We feel the need for fresh voices that articulate the experience as we know it – wild, elusive birds in massive country, imperfect dogs (and people), dirtbag camps, dirty field guns, trucks stuck in the mud, days spent putting miles on the boots with nothing to show for it, and yes, even a little red stuff now and then. We believe it’s possible to both honor the tradition of our sport and still write in the unsanitized present. Can we bring this whole “upland thing” down a notch and take it to a new level at the same time? To have a sense of humor about it? We’re gonna try.

We like to get after it far from the beaten track whenever possible, though we’re not immune to a little luxury now and then,  likely in the form of a dented flask and a good view from the tailgate. Temper this with a generous dose of dry irreverence and appreciation for the absurdity of our pursuit – an ingrained, hardwired obsession that truly haunts us, no less than our dogs, for half the year while we wait for opening day.

You won’t find any “how-to” articles here, though you may find the occasional example of “how-not-to.” Besides, there are already plenty of other places for that sort of information – some of it even useful in our experience.

We’re here instead to celebrate the “whys” and delve deep into the soul of this thing. So throw your gear and your dog in the back and let’s go. We’ll try to be back by dinner time, but you know how that goes…

29 thoughts on “The Point”

  1. Guys, what’s with the very tiny smiley face in the upper right hand corner of the blog? Or is that just showing up on my system?

    1. I see it too. Talk about downtime – boy, I’ve had enough and the dogs are restless. A melt is on so a nice long walk afield is lookin good. Maine.

    2. It’s the wordpress stats plugin. There are a few different sites that explain how to remove it, just google it.

      Love this site, thanks and keep up the good work.


  2. Rarely have I seen the motivation behind protecting our hard earned coverts put into words so well. Thanks for having the balls to hit the subject right between the eyes.

    I will be adding you site to my blogroll.

    The Prairie Drifter

  3. Good stuff guys!

    Been reading a few of these and I like the tone, the pace, and the freedom of expression.
    Solid writing all around.

    I’ll be back for more.


  4. Brilliant writing all around, and the photographs capture the visual essence with near perfection.

    I’ve spent far too many days in western Oklahoma, deep South Texas and the burnt outcroppings of Nevada searching over and over for the feeling of unmitigated joy I felt when that first bobwhite fell from the sky after a chance meeting my and my little 28 at age 11. I can feel it in the scribe’s voice here, and that, gentlemen, is everything.

    The truth lies out there somewhere; the truth of God and man and wild birds, written in paw prints left in the red sandy mud of a Woodward County creek. Translated for mortals, by five guys with the rosetta stone, under an endless blue sky.

    Thank you all.

  5. Very nice work, guys! I enjoyed the reading. Found the site by reading a F&S article about fly fishing the Gila. I will spread the word about this blog.

  6. Nice place to visit! If you’ll allow me, I’ll come back now and then. One of these days I might just get smart enough to start my own blog on the fine upland hunting here in Alaska, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting. I ain’t gettin’ tougher or smarter as I age.


  7. Whoa – great job on the new page setup. Easy on the eyes and I can settle in for good read and a good glass of scotch when it’s a -20 night here in western Wyoming. Thanks. TK

  8. Wow, I don’t know you, but I DO know you have touched the essence of of why I am already looking forward to September. I am sitting in my barn room, with one of my Brittanies by my side, looking at a rack filled with hunting vests, filson chaps, equipment bags, medical bags, shotguns and orange ballcaps. Over eight weeks on the ground this season merely whet the appetite, and every year the trips seem to last longer and fly by so quickly. Other than my tolerant wife and very few friends, my dogs know me best and tolerate my foibles with the most grace. I look forward to checking your site. Perhaps, my visits will help me weather the summer yet again. Here’s to you and your dented flask. Good hunting.

  9. I enjoy your upland adventures, and I also experience the zen of absurd compulsion, champing at the bit for the next chance to get out. I don’t wait all summer, though. I go pig hunting in May and July, and scouting as much as possible when it is so hot that they’re all at the waterhole in the morning. That gets me through the dry spells. Then again, I also hit the rivers and streams, and the ocean with my little bass boat, or in my boots. Thanks for occupying yourself with writing about the insanity of it all…it is a salve on my wound that never heals.

    1. No, you are not. I just didn’t have the balls to write anything. But I am addicted to their writing. It kills me, and I don’t even hunt.Yet.

  10. I have really enjoyed your posts/content. You guys no longer hunting birds?
    Season has been rolling and I have seen none of the content I was hoping to see/read.
    Hope you guys get back in the swing on things…

    1. Thanks for keeping us honest, Kevin. The season is definitely rolling, which is a big part of the reason we’ve been remiss on posting lately.

      And then there was troubleshooting to be done on the basement hooch still, having to quickly come up with parole for one of our contributors, the usual marital ‘issues’ that hunting season seems to always engender, too much time spent tracking down the few distributors of Hamm’s left in the region, dodging horny bull moose, vet bills that seem to require actual jobs in order to pay them, and being cordially invited to remove ourselves from a few fine establishments….

      But rest assured this will all result in future content.

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