Author: Greg McReynolds

  • Mouthful of Feathers lives!

    The e-book is out of print.  No one reads blogs any longer.  No one (even us) blogs anymore.  Instagram wants you to watch video influencers.  Facebook wants you to shop.  So we are doing the most punk thing we can come up with. We are doubling down on the blog.  We are recruiting new contributors.  […]

  • Evidence of interlopers

    On the tailgate of a pickup covered in the grime of four states, I pull out my boots and lace them while Tom buys green chile cheeseburgers at Blake’s Lottaburger. It was a long drive through the night. A February snow hammered us for 300 miles from Utah until we drove out of it near […]

  • Big news from Mouthful of Feathers

    Mouthful of Feathers lives! There is new content on the way. And we have even bigger news to announce in the coming weeks. Stay tuned

  • Getting off on the right foot

    “I should shoot you.”  I said it as flat and cold as I could.  The view was nice up here, and while I may have been pleased to be at the top, I wasn’t feeling it yet. About five minutes prior, I had been skirting a hill in chukar country. I’d showed up to camp […]

  • Save Giffy Butte

    You can post all the hashtags you want, but please knock it off with the geotagging and mapping bird hunting spots. Social media hotspotting is not cool man. Name a state. Name a region. Name a large city with a good BBQ restaurant. But don’t name spots. I know it’s not just hunters. It happens […]

  • GUEST POST: Semi-Retired

    By Blaine Peetso: Wanted: Easy Work Old age pensioner willing to work for cash/food under the table as long as the job is easy and hours are short.  No big wide open country or ultra dense bush.  Will need plenty of water breaks. Will not play games with the merchandise (keep away, tug-of-war, etc) […]

  • A bargain

    In the early-morning silence of a Sunday morning, the slow drip of the coffee seemed loud. My fuzzy, pre-coffee brain tried to make sense of the computer screen.  $240? For a license? In my home state? That doesn’t seem right. It seems pricey. In fact, it seems ridiculous. It’s been a long time since I’ve […]

  • Permanence

    GUEST POST By Chad Love Editor at Quail Forever, Itinerant blogger (MOF, Mallard of Discontent) You try to be Buddhist about these things, tell yourself that everything we think of as solid and implacable and unyieldingly forever will someday be gone, that all the bullshit artifices of man will eventually wither into nothingness, and that […]

  • Bad decisions in chukar country

    There are bad decisions, and then there are bad decisions in chukar country. It started with a point and the beeper ringing across the hillside to my right. As I jogged toward her, I realized she was in some nasty country. I finally saw her standing beautifully, tail high, nose to the sky, pointing uphill. […]

  • Into the basin

    Cold blew hard from the north. The setter tore into it. The man followed, wind whipping his shirttail and numbing his face. He focused on the dog ahead and his footing below, stepping cautiously but letting his mind run, replaying the hours before. “Why don’t you let me come with you,” she asked for the […]