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  • Scars

    There is a stone wall at the bottom of the Blackmer place that runs north to south along the forest edge. In New England fashion, it is straight and true despite its age, three stones wide and another three high, a dry-laid bulwark of our native schist. The slab-handed dairyman on the place claims that the width […]

  • I’m here to tell you

    I’m here to tell you

    In the beginning, no one tells you about the end. Everyone focuses on the withdrawal from the bank account and the puppy breath and the belly rubs. Maybe they tell you about crate training or share their contrived tips to get the new addition through the night without incident, but they don’t talk about the […]

  • Mouthful of Feathers lives!

    The e-book is out of print.  No one reads blogs any longer.  No one (even us) blogs anymore.  Instagram wants you to watch video influencers.  Facebook wants you to shop.  So we are doing the most punk thing we can come up with. We are doubling down on the blog.  We are recruiting new contributors.  […]

  • Waving the white flag

    My first gun dog, a pudelpointer I bought fresh out of grad school with almost no research into other breeds, pedigrees, or breeders, has made a wonderful family dog.  She’s gentle with our toddler, keeps my wife happy with her minimal shedding, and has been a serviceable companion both in a duck blind and in chukar […]

  • Commemoration

    There are those in the literary world to whom nostalgia and sentimentality are an anathema. There may be a point there; why look backward when forward is the thing? Why think about a time before the time we are in? This is not my school. Mine is old. I like manual transmissions. AM radio as […]

  • Evidence of interlopers

    On the tailgate of a pickup covered in the grime of four states, I pull out my boots and lace them while Tom buys green chile cheeseburgers at Blake’s Lottaburger. It was a long drive through the night. A February snow hammered us for 300 miles from Utah until we drove out of it near […]

  • Big news from Mouthful of Feathers

    Mouthful of Feathers lives! There is new content on the way. And we have even bigger news to announce in the coming weeks. Stay tuned

  • Letter to Lucy Gray

    I don’t even know what a Godfather does. I have a vague idea and I think there may be presents involved. I could ask around, get some thoughts on what other people think it should be, but I kind of like having a blank canvas to make it up as we go along. Your Dad […]

  • Gunfight In Our Birdcamp

    Gunfight In Our Birdcamp

    His hat lies on the floor of the old house. A narrow ray of sunlight crawls through a hole in the roof and illuminates the tattered carpet a few inches away. The hat once was sharp and bold; black with big gold letters and those striking wings on the bill that us kids called “scrambled […]

  • Getting off on the right foot

    “I should shoot you.”  I said it as flat and cold as I could.  The view was nice up here, and while I may have been pleased to be at the top, I wasn’t feeling it yet. About five minutes prior, I had been skirting a hill in chukar country. I’d showed up to camp […]