Mouthful of Feathers hardcover limited edition available for preorder

It’s always been about the dogs and the words.

The words are still here at the blog – 337 blogs over the last 13 years – enough to fill a collection of books. We still had a few new things to say and so did some of our favorite writers. I am happy to say that the Mouthful of Feathers print book, featuring exciting new material and due out this summer, is available for pre-order.

We are starting out with a limited amount of hard cover, limited edition books and a print from our friend Frederick Stivers. You can learn more or to pre-order a copy, here.

We expect to deliver books summer 2023 and once we sell out of the initial hard cover run, we will be offering a paperback as well.

Thanks for the support. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Mouthful of Feathers hardcover limited edition available for preorder”

    1. Hi Ken, we’re right around 42,000 words, which puts it around 140 pages, just a real rough estimate, don’t hold me to it. Most of the pieces are around 3,000 words, some shorter, some longer.

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