Walking In

He froze in textbook style, and for a moment all thought of pursuit, of what we had come in search of, was gone. I stood there marveling at how I hadn’t taught him to do this, how I doubt that you really can. But there he was, locked up; the graven image of a genetic legacy on override.


I didn’t care about the bird – I just didn’t want this moment to end. I wanted us both to go on standing there, motionless, till darkness descended or the storm cut loose overhead. These are the things that will nurse me through the months of waiting. Waiting for it to all start again – these all too rare perfect moments, the many less than perfect ones, the sore feet, the hours and days with an empty game bag.  All of it.

– Smithhammer

5 thoughts on “Walking In”

  1. Just found this; was reading through and went ‘WTF, this dude can write.’ You don’t see that much in upland game. Then I check the sig – ha! No shit he can write. Is the pic Bruce’s or Tosh’s?

  2. Hey – welcome, Zach. Thanks for the props.

    The pic is mine. That’s my 1-year old GSP, Hank.

    We’re just getting this off the ground, so check back now and then…

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