Category: Sharpies

  • Rethinking the Relationship

    We had completed a fairly thorough loop for one guy and one big running dog to do through the field, and were on our way back to the truck. Downwind. The dog absolutely hates hunting downwind, and will do everything he can to veer from it, since for him, hunting downwind is dumb, and because […]

  • One from the Memory Card…

  • The Best Kind of Tired

    Opening day for sharpies. You escape work early. Pull the necessary gear out of the closet. Instantly the dog knows. He sits by the door, stoically, not the least bit worried about whether he’s going on this adventure or not. He’s maturing. A half-mile long plume of dust kicks up behind you. Ryan Bingham sings […]

  • Sharp-dressed Bird

    I really like sharptails. If we ever run out of bobwhites in Texico, I’ll probably move north and hunt them fulltime. Looking, first, at some of the sharpie’s kinfolk, I’d classify the ruffed grouse as the haughty blue-blood of the clan. He frequents the upper east and he’s often chased by folks who smoke pipes […]

  • Does Not Taste Like Chicken

    Whereby two southern blokes don their riding finery and chase sharptails with fanfare and cheap scatterguns. (Not cooking sharptails)

  • The End of Days

    You could count the number of days remaining in the Idaho sharpie season on one hand. It had been a tough year, with a bird or two here and there, but the coveys were few and far between. Still, with the help of an up-and-coming first-season pup we managed to put one in the bag […]

  • Of Trust and Hope

    If you’re of the sentiment, as John Buchan was, that fishing is “a perpetual series of occasions for hope,” I’d highly recommend trying to finding birds out here: You will walk farther than you think, and look back to see that you’ve put precious little landscape between you and where you started. You’ll find yourself […]