Author: Greg McReynolds

  • Chukar and the jungle

    The mystique around chukar hunting may be somewhat overplayed. “The birds are hard to shoot, impossible to get to, challenging for pointing dogs, you have to carry a kevlar gun and wear a helmet at all times… et cetera, et cetera.” It’s true that a helmet is a good idea; but in the grand scheme […]

  • Forgotten

    A friend called me a few weeks back from the road. “I thought you were elk hunting,” I asked. “I was,” He said. “Until I climbed out of my sleeping bag, got dressed, unzipped my gun case and found a 20ga instead of a 30-06. So, I’m headed home.” I laughed. Then tried to console him. I […]

  • Two shots or three

    Several of my hunting partners shoot semi-autos. I give them endless grief about it. I love Star Wars as much as the next guy (maybe more) but I don’t want to shoot Han’s gun. I’ll take my shotguns with two barrels, two triggers, fixed chokes and a straight stock. I’ll take checkered walnut and blued […]

  • On Monuments and fish and public lands

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  For me, all of these things are encompassed by the public lands where I go to feel alive, to be […]

  • Miles

    She was running big, maybe just for the fun of it. She’d been cooped up, in recovery mode with only short jaunts for the last week. But now she was loose. The beeper turned on silent and miles ahead. The setter sees that as permission to stretch and she was ranging way off to my […]

  • Easter thoughts on wild places

    “The wilderness will lead you To the place where I will speak” Come back to me, by Gregory Norbert There is a beautiful piece in the NYT this weekend about Edgelands by Rob Cowen. It makes me think of the places I used to run my dogs in Abuquerque, or fly fishing in Houston, or mountain […]

  • Dogs and M44s

    My setter knows “come” and “whoa” and snake avoidance. She’s vaccinated against rabies and rattlesnake bites. She will turn on a whistle and even follow a hand signal when she’s close enough to see. She works at a range I like, stretching to find birds in open country. Unfortunately, she can’t read. And apparently, the […]

  • Deep grass

    Looking back on a fall with grass so tall you could hardly find a dog on point. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mouthful of Feathers (@mouthfuloffeathers)

  • Scalies

    A point on the ragged edge of tenuous obedience Two dozen birds, running A jog, a flush, swinging through A shot, a miss… dammit She’s running again, and big There are birds and her blood is up Mine too A speck on the horizon getting larger, re-centering, maybe on me Rocky sand, littered with cholla and […]

  • Waste, loss and legs

    There are times when you make a good shot, mark it down, use all the dog power you have and still fail to retrieve a bird. We look hard for a bird that we hit, even a bird that we maybe hit. To do otherwise is the mark of a hack, a wannabe. But it’s […]