A chile relleno is a Big Jim pepper stuffed with asadero cheese, battered and fried. Full stop.

Sometimes, in places that are not New Mexico, a waiter will put a plate in front of you. You will look down and see what appears to be an omelet, wrapped around an anaheim or pasilla or poblano pepper with a little cheese thrown on top.

You may ask, “What is this?”

If the response is, “A chile relleno,” then you have encountered a liar and you have great cause for sadness.





3 thoughts on “Liars”

  1. Not so!
    There is a long history of authentic and tasty Tex-Mex rellenos made from poblanos stuffed with more than just cheese. The New Mexican skinny Big Jim versions are limited in scope, though admittedly nice in a burrito.

    1. Finally!!!

      I can’t believe it took so long for someone to come and argue this point. I should have known it would be a New Mexican who decided to pursue this!
      Let’s put aside the pepper choice for a moment. Do you condone an omelet wrap as opposed to an egg batter?

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