It is all over but the cryin’

The inspectors examining some of the year’s take.

It started in Idaho at the end of August and ended in New Mexico in the middle of February. Some might say that was plenty. The dogs might say they were just getting going.
But it’s over now and it is February and the deserts of New Mexico were thin soup, but soup enough. A covey a day, a point a day, maybe a bird a day. Good stuff. Hunt ’em when they are thick, you can hunt them when they are lean. And you were following your dog with a shotgun in your hand and that, for anyone, should be enough.
Now begins the long wait. There’s a year ahead and two young setters, aunt and niece, ready for anything.

Author: Tom Reed

Four English setters tell me what to do.

2 thoughts on “It is all over but the cryin’”

  1. It was a good 2018-19 for the mutts n’ I. For the first time in 3-4 years I even took in a Blue Grouse hunt. I’ve hesitated the past few seasons – the mountain range to my West is full of people eatin’ Griz and dog maulin’ Wolves. The Eastern range is full of dog hatin’ Bowhunters early in the season. I really don’t want to be forced into projecting some lead shot into either of these entities….so usually avoid the situation. Anyway, while the Huns were down the Chukar hunting was, hmm, 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.Dogs kicked ass and made a bunch of finds, though. January 31st snuck up way too soon – dogs worn out, myself dinged up and beat, you’d think I’d relish the break.

    Can’t wait for 2019-20!

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