Ground sluice ’em?

This brings new meaning to the phrase “ground sluicing.”

Not that I haven’t been there. Particularly this year on chukar, where the dog can point them, but I can’t seem to close the gap before they flush.
This video, however, takes it to a new level.
The dog is on point, you can see a few skylined birds and he takes a knee?
Folds out the bipod?
And snipes them?
What planet is this filmed on?

10 thoughts on “Ground sluice ’em?”

  1. Don’t be snobby. You southern boys live in a bubble of your own making. You rarely get close enough to PT on open ground to take a wingshot at them. You always sluice the first one then try wingshots at whatever gets up after. I have no idea why that guy was using dogs. That’s the surest way to never take a PT limit that I know of. Dogs are worse than useless for hunting in the arctic.

  2. The birds are ptarmigan, I believe, and if you’ve climbed a mountain to get to them, I think anything you use to kill them for the pot is legit. He looks like a meat hunter, although they are filming it. The use of dogs helps them find them, because they edit out the long treks across the ridges, and up and down the valleys and hills. It kinda looks breezy, too. So, give the guy props for getting out there, and chasing down his supper. A trophy hunter he ain’t!

  3. A meat hunter he ain’t either. He burned more calories getting up there than he got from eating those birds. Just a cultural difference is all. In that part of the world it’s the deer that fly.

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