The iPhone 5 aint got nothin’ on this

It’s not bullshit after all.
They do actually point.
The crazy part is, you don’t even have to teach them to do it.
They just know.
After all those flushing dogs, it’s hard to fathom.
When I paid the deposit, my bird-dog mentor told me, “It’s simple, just show them a lot of birds and try not to screw them up.”
A 10-week-old pup, chubby and mostly confused, sometimes unable to run across the mowed grass without tripping, freezes solid, pointing a pigeon wing hidden in the grass a few feet away.
All the technology in the known universe can’t replicate this.
 LUna at home first week

8 thoughts on “The iPhone 5 aint got nothin’ on this”

  1. “…, just show them a lot of birds and try not to screw them up.”

    Oh yeah. The best bird dog I ever had trained himself (or more accurately, he trained me) Many, many of good seasons ahead for the two of you.

  2. Greg- I have a 1 yr old tekoa/Crockett setter that amazes me each time we go out… It is in the breeding, and show em lots of wild birds… that’s what makes a bird dog…

  3. I have an English Pointer Pup, and he’s the same way…except he runs off, and we get a call later in the day that he’s shown up at the road, a couple of miles away, and they have him in town. He sees birds, and points, and won’t come on call, won’t do anything but hunt. He is so damn birdy, I am no longer even able to control him, once the birds have him. Finds them everywhere, and is constantly reminding me he needs to get the birdy. I play fetch with him, and he’s bound to pretend he can’t find the ball, in order to cruise the field for birds, ball hidden in his jaw. He’s a friggin’ machine, and I can’t keep up with him, or keep him in range. Guess I’ll need a thousand foot check lead.

  4. Makes me think of the line from that Christmas song,”count your blessings”. I have a 9 week old wirehaired, never ceases to amaze me when she starts that stalk and flashes that point.

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