Tag: Bird Dogs

  • Checks and Balances

    The pointer named William breaks stride and pauses to investigate a small patch of wilted ragweed. He then continues on track along a sidehill and into the gusting wind that determines his course. It was enough scent to prickle his bird-senses, a scant whiff of something besides dust, but not enough to stop him from […]

  • Zach

    He was three years old when I bought him and he came with that name. He never found many birds, but one day (before lunch) he killed a baby goat, got sprayed by a skunk, and ate two bobwhites that he neither pointed or retrieved. He ran off the first six times I let him […]

  • Revenge

    “Leave me in the truck while you hunt? Just because that damn vet said I was out of commission for two weeks?!? Have fun putting your pillows back together, pal.” – Smithhammer

  • Of Trust and Hope

    If you’re of the sentiment, as John Buchan was, that fishing is “a perpetual series of occasions for hope,” I’d highly recommend trying to finding birds out here: You will walk farther than you think, and look back to see that you’ve put precious little landscape between you and where you started. You’ll find yourself […]