He was three years old when I bought him and he came with that name. He never found many birds, but one day (before lunch) he killed a baby goat, got sprayed by a skunk, and ate two bobwhites that he neither pointed or retrieved. He ran off the first six times I let him out of the box. On one of those jaunts he was gone overnight. The next morning I found him snoozing in a hog trap where he had eaten and rolled in a vile mixture of rotten feed corn, molasses, and catfish guts. I eventually traded him for a cast iron smoker pit on wheels.

3 thoughts on “Zach”

  1. I have known a few of those. The worst being a setter that would eat a bird even if wrapped in gaucho wire.

    These pictures and stories on this site are making me miss my winters in the south.

  2. Oh my God. I’m crying, I’m laughing so hard. And I suddenly don’t feel so bad about giving back the bitch that flunked out of gun dog school this summer… at least I didn’t trade her for a BBQ…

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