Category: Conservation and legacy

  • Worn

    The price of admission is what your are willing to put in and how much are you willing to sweat, not just in October, but in April and July.

  • Backcountry Hunters and Anglers – 2013 Rendezvous

    The BHA 2013 Rendezvous will be held in Boise, ID – March 22nd to the 24th. It will be another great weekend rich in how-to and DIY backcountry hunting and fishing seminars, information on advocating for your favorite piece of backcountry, excellent food, exciting auction and raffle items, and of course, time to visit with […]

  • Burden of legacy

    Where chickens boom in golden grass A faithful friend and I hold mass Set out to hunt and death impart We find not endings, but only starts From us, this place soon shall pass Alone, not I, nor would I be My dog, a friend to cherish me In this church that is the land […]

  • King of the Big Empty: Our generation’s Heath Hen

    Consider the sage chicken. Take your time at it. He is a mighty bird, his pointed tail, his black-feathered breast, his mottled and muted yet beautiful hues, his huge feet. Many writers, attempting to describe his flight have penned imagery of Air Force bombers, kites, sails. Indeed, the pet name for the big ones, the […]

  • In search of the empty

    Damn the red lines. They crisscross the green and yellow areas on the map like bloody cracks. On the ground, they are uglier and more numerous. These are not the access routes that bring us to the edges. No, these are far from the rural route roads-the gravel arteries-that deliver us from here to “out […]