5 thoughts on “A public lands story”

    1. I am trying and hopefully get out to get some Browns a couple times or more over the next month. Since I didn’t get drawn for hunting.! You been able to get out?

  1. Great video. And anyone who votes for the Republican Party is voting to support the transfer of Federal public lands to the states…that can’t afford to maintain or keep them. If anyone doesn’t know the Republican platform specifically calls for the immediate transfer of nearly all Federal lands to the states…Google it if anyone doubts this. And the states will sell lands as wealthy people’s money will have far more influence with state legislatures that have far fewer restrictions to selling lands for various purposes than Federal ownership has. I’m a public land owner and I have no intention of giving up any of the lands.

  2. Thank you – I’ve been fighting for public lands (and free access to them) since the “Sagebrush Rebellion” days of the early 80’s.

    From the Dep’t Of Unintended Irony – a Trump ad just showed up under the “We Are Public Lands” link. Spooky.

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