Stand up for public land today

Today is National Public Lands Day, a day worthy of recognition.

28 OCT 2012:  Upland Bird Hunting in  Pocatello, ID. (Joshua Duplechian)

After years of attacks on the very concept of public lands by a well-funded effort to fleece the American citizenry or our public lands heritage, the threat to the places we hunt and fish feels more concrete and close.
The attack on our public lands has intensified. Those dedicated to wresting the places we hunt and fish from the hands of hard-working Americans have moved their attacks from state legislatures to the halls of congress. They take every opportunity to run down our National Forest and BLM lands. Disparaging the management of our American public places is a tactic to buoy their transfer argument.
There is vast evidence to show that a transfer will not be good for hunting, fishing or outdoor recreation.
The threat is real and unless sportsmen stand for our public lands, we may lose them.

3 thoughts on “Stand up for public land today”

  1. Reblogged this on Chukar Hunting and commented:
    I like these guys, and can’t say enough in support of their take on this issue. I just got back from hunting on BLM land that abutted former Idaho State Endowment lands, which is now private and posted “No Hunting.” As I headed out this morning, three big coveys of chukar coasted from the BLM land onto the now-private-but-formerly-state land. I still saw lots of birds, and bagged enough, but if those BLM lands are transferred I’ll be watching football on Saturday instead of being outside with my dogs because there’ll be nowhere to go.

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