I waved at them as the drove past.
It seemed like the neighborly thing to do. I was hunting a narrow patch of public ground edged by a gravel road, they were cruising the road in their orange getups on a similar quest for ditch parrots.
When they jumped out of the truck a few hundred yards in front of me to hunt a prime patch of Russian olive I was obviously headed toward I felt a hell of a lot less like waving anything but my middle finger.
What kind of road hunting scum bags would cut in front of a hunter, park in the middle of a road, jump out and hunt a 50 yard patch of cover, then slam the doors and speed away?
The kind of guys who would wave as they drove past you knowing they were about to screw you, I guess.
I’m not sure if they saw any birds, but I know they didn’t fire a shot.
A few minutes later and 75 yards short of that sweet but now pre-chewed patch of cover, the dog put up three birds and I shot my first double of the season.
Justice is sweet.
If I see those guys again I’ll be sure to wave.


Filed under Ditch Parrots, Ill-mannered Jackals, True stories

5 responses to “Pre-chewed

  1. Fun

    The Tom Tom probably told them where to stop. Where do you live? All this combat hunting sounds like fishing where I’m from.

  2. birddogdoc

    Had a similar experience where some hunters saw my setter on point and they ran over and flushed the covey and shot over my dog while I was coming up a hill…then took there bird dogs after the singles.

  3. You know….there are several uses for buckshot.

  4. Ah, yes. The gentlemen’s sport.

  5. GM,

    Will you be waving both hands or both middle fingers? Bastards!

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