Why have I developed a callus on the index finger I use to operate my e-collar transmitter?

How do Huns absolutely vanish without a trace, even when you and the dog saw exactly where they went down?

Why do they call it an “improved” choke if I don’t shoot any better when I use it?

Why does whiskey always taste better with a full game bag?

Why do the voices in my head sound like chukar?

4 thoughts on “Questions”

  1. №2 – absolutely. The covey will be anywhere but in the spot you saw them land. On the other hand, these birds can run at 35 km per hour. At least, that’s what I think the spido showed when we were driving by with this speed on a field road, and the covey was running ahead.

    №3 – how about these shapes that you see when you close your eyes and try to sleep?

  2. Mawn, you fellers still kickin ass and takin names. I fer one appreciate. Except for the voices, I kinda wish they would go away

  3. 1. Maybe ’cause you have one uh them German hard-heads. Get a setter.
    2. They got feet as well as wings.
    3. Obviously you need to buy a new gun.
    4. The universe has some mysteries that are not meant to be solved. We should just enjoy them and be grateful.
    5. You too?

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