Mouthful of Feathers lives!

The e-book is out of print. 

No one reads blogs any longer. 

No one (even us) blogs anymore. 

Instagram wants you to watch video influencers. 

Facebook wants you to shop. 

So we are doing the most punk thing we can come up with.

We are doubling down on the blog. 

We are recruiting new contributors. 

We are printing a book. 

24 thoughts on “Mouthful of Feathers lives!”

  1. I had a blog for a long time. Suddenly I ran out of photos and topics and was crazy to think I could keep it up daily for as long as I did. Should have made it twice a month and probably would still be writing.

  2. I enjoyed the content of your blog, written by bird hunters for bird hunters. Hopefully resurrecting it will be successful! A book? That will be interesting.

  3. Damn iPad keyboard! MOF is the only blog I read. The writing is superb; the writers pithy and honest. I eagerly await the book.

  4. All things old will be new again. It’s comforting to know good people are waiting for the others to come back around, and I’ll be waiting with you. Double down!

  5. All things old become new again. It’s good to know there are good folks waiting for the others to come back around, and I’ll be waiting with you. Double down.

  6. Most excellent. Maybe you’ll inspire a few other of us to get off our butts and follow suit. I miss the heyday of “the blog.” We’re definitely in need of a resurgence of sport writing that extends beyond the how-to and hook-and-bullet stuff that seems to have moved back into the forefront. Thanks for stepping back up to the plate.

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