Public lands are no accident

We at MOF occasionally write for other outlets and linking to some of our more MOFish content elsewhere on the web.

Here is a piece by Greg McReynolds on Trout Unlimited’s website from a couple of years ago when the fight for our public lands was just ramping up.


The effort to rob Americans of our public land birthright is well-funded and the threat is real. In the last two years, there have been dozens of bills in state legislatures and numerous attempts in congress to sell, transfer or otherwise degrade the places where the vast majority of us hunt and fish. These attacks pretend that Americans don’t value our National Forests and Parks or that National Forests were never meant to be.

2 thoughts on “Public lands are no accident”

  1. Well said, Greg! Everyone who enjoys public lands and rivers across the West needs to understand how they came to be and what’s at stake should they be transferred. Since statehood, Idaho has sold 40% of the lands granted to it. Deeded lands remain private. Sold off are the free access to those lands and waters forever!

  2. Greg is not kidding. This is a serious threat – a threat to rob ALL Americans of their birthright. Once sold (or otherwise transferred) we will never get them back.

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