We are an army

We at MOF occasionally write for other outlets and linking to some of our more MOFish content elsewhere on the web.

Here is a piece on Trout Unlimited’s website from a couple of years ago when the fight for our public lands was just ramping up.


Public lands are the symbol of the things we as a nation have managed to get right. We are a nation of explorers and adventurers. We believe in freedom and we deserve it. We need these vast public spaces to find ourselves, to journey and to test ourselves. We need these places not just as people or westerners or sportsmen, we need them as Americans. We have pioneered from the edges of space to the depths of the ocean, just as our ancestors pushed across this vast continent. The men and women who pioneered these lands, farmed and ranched and hunted and bled and died for them knew their value.

5 thoughts on “We are an army”

  1. Soon to be sold to the highest bidder by a Republican congress. A sad era for those who base their lives on times spent in the wild and wilderness spaces of this country.

    1. Could you inform me on what policies the Republicans are putting forth that would sell public lands to the highest bidders. I am a republican but Im not naive enough to think that any politicians are always on the side of outdoorsmen. I would truly value any info you could pass on to me, thanks.

      1. Steve, thanks for dropping by.

        Here is a piece about congress changing the rules for accounting to accomodate land sales or transfers

        here is another, http://www.fieldandstream.com/gop-house-moves-against-public-lands-on-its-first-day

        Here is a piece about transfer

        Here is a story about the land sales being part of the GOP platform

  2. Steve and others: If you are interested in following this issue I recommend you check out a non-partisan group called Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. The vast majority of BHA’s work is done by unpaid volunteer members.

    Keeping public lands accessible and in public hands is their mission. After you check out their website you should join up and send them some money. Considering how much money we spend on all our gear, dogs, gas, etc, sending them what would be the price of a couple boxes of shell is a small price to pay to ensure we will have someplace to hunt.

    Bob, thanks for posting about this issue.

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