shot show

I’ve never been to Shot Show, but I do enjoy watching the industry news feed from Vegas. In particular, I love how excited everyone gets about “new” guns. I recognize that I am out of the mainstream here. My idea of an AR is my Winchester 1894 and I think ejectors on a double gun are over-rated.
In my mind, the last major innovation in guns was gas-operated autoloaders. Before that, there were some pretty significant firearm innovations. Recoil autoloaders, the over/under shotgun, breech-loading cartridges, smokeless powder; now those were inventions worthy of a week-long party in Vegas.
A new autoloading shotgun built on the same basic action designed 40 years ago with a new name and a camo stock? A bolt-action rifle that takes AR parts? Another rifle/shotgun/lawnmower maker producing a 1911? None of this strikes me as new or even interesting.
What I love about guns – double guns in particular – is that they are mature technology. I love seeing guns built before WWII that were the pinnacle of shotgun technology in 1930 – and knowing they still are the pinnacle of gun engineering.
So in honor of Shot Show, I’m going to post some ideas from days gone by that actually seem like cool gun innovations to me.
I’ll either put them here or on our MOF Instagram account (@mouthfuloffeathers in case you’re not following it yet) with the hashtag #shotshow1940. Feel free to make your own contributions.

7 thoughts on “shot show”

  1. It has been said that the best shot gunning existed during the years between
    The double shotgun had, essentially, been perfected by 1890.
    And, the quality, of the largely hand made guns, during that era, was high.
    Winged game was abundant and widespread.
    Access to game and hunting was readily available.
    It was truly a “Golden Age”.

    1. Amen to that. The Prussian Guns of Saxony are great examples. Daly,Sauer ,Merkel etc. second to none in the world,period 1880 to 1905. Everything made by the best cottage craftsmen then appropriately finished and assembled to exact tolerances. The best wood,barrels,actions and some of the best engraving ever done,anytime anywhere. WWI and WWII took them out eccept for the design and work in Liege of the master of them all,John Moses Browning and son Val. Just saying…..

  2. Don’t be a hater, and for gawd’s sake stop hunting with obsolete technology. You don’t know what you’re missing when you refuse to hunt with the all-new, all-improved Bonereli Super Stiffie III, now with electrolytes. It’s what the modern hunter craves.

  3. Yes, but if you neglect to attend SHOT, you may miss out on a hunting “celebrity” sighting. In fact, if you wait in line for a brief hour, you can earn a signed hat or poster from Swamp Daddy or the sexy Miss Whitetail.

    High five! We put a beat-down on that buck!

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