Don’t be a penguin*

As I type, hordes of angry labradoodle owners are besieging the walled compound where I store my collection of Stetsons, my wardrobe full of Wranglers and my motor pool of Chevy C-20’s. Since I penned “Posers” and posted the classy response “Hardasses” from This Long Haul’s Kyle Smith, I have heard from several of the MOF faithful writing in passionate defense of fanny packs, pen-raised birds, 7-shot autoloaders, 40-inch tires, soap-on-a rope, wiener dogs, and a host of other objects or animals that I haven’t yet had a chance to offend yet (have no fear, I’ll get there.)

So, I have two things to say. First of all, to everyone who owns a Pudelpointer, please note, I said “doodle.”
Second and most importantly, I was categorically wrong about one thing…
Propeller hats are awesome.
Thanks to Josh Duplechian who not only shot this photo, but also designed the best bird hunting hat ever seen. He is a true artist.

7 thoughts on “Don’t be a penguin*”

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with posers write up. Too many flat billed SOBs running around the fly fishing scene chunking streamers the some of their podelpointer and calling themselves an angler. Keep speaking there are some of us out here that believe what you are preaching…thank you!

  2. There are many different types of angulars and hunters from each end of the spectrum. To consider one stereotype to fit all occasions would be wrong. I don’t like extremest or arrogant people-you a carp angular or waterfowl hunter, That is fine by me-as long as your sportsmen/sportswomen and respectful to nature.

  3. Bahahahahahahaha!!!! Let them waste time angrily stewing over your post, Greg; it’ll keep the damn ‘doodles and monster trucks outta our coverts!
    “Posers” was hands down the best piece of upland writing I’ve read in some time. Where did the light hearted humor disappear to??? Charley Waterman is smiling in his grave.

  4. Like I tell my relatives at Christmas, we don’t have to like each other, just because we are family……..
    My only goals are when I run a race, not to get beat by someone with a Pony Tail. I might add to that and never get out-walked in the chukar hills by someone with a Man Bun.
    Thanks for shaking things up.

  5. This is a great and fun conversation. As a poor-boy uplander, (we hunted pheasants and quail partly because ducks were so damned expensive to get into — from the dekes to the waders to the leases) I loved it. It’s about public land, and saving up to get a few of the high-quality pieces to make a hunt worthwhile and fun. I quietly checked off the list as I read through, and when I got to the end and had been able to talk my way through it to feel sufficiently a member of the proper elite, I immediately thumbed my nose at the doodles…

    But, I remember that I didn’t start fly fishing until I’d seen A River Runs Through It, and only then when I was able to find a $10 rod at Big5… and I’m proudly an hijo de McLean (and Redford).

    I loved the pieces. There’s nothing so fun as making the sub-conscious elitism conscious, front-and-center.

  6. I am following this blog for a while now, usually I am more a “silent reader”. This picture just killed me, so I had to comment… Really refreshing to read your stuff, I like your humor and the lack of political correctness. Keep it on!

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