The iPhone 7 as inspiration

This afternoon I heard on the news that Apple is getting rid of the headphone jack hole on the new iPhone 7. Apparently lots of folks are upset about this but I think it’s a pretty good idea. In fact, I think there are a quite a few jack holes we could get rid of, starting with the ones in congress who are pushing to transfer (sell) the public lands where I hunt and fish.

So I say go for it Apple – dump the jack holes – just don’t stop with the iPhone.

8 thoughts on “The iPhone 7 as inspiration”

  1. Greg,
    First of all, I enjoy your blog and look forward to your musings
    on all things Upland.
    I know you are a guy with srong opinions. I like that.
    However, sometimes I must disagree, especially, when you paint some of us with too broad a brush, as you did by labeling anyone who use a “loader”, as a “poser”.
    In 2007, I had the rare opportunity to shoot driven grouse in Scotland.
    Although, due to various gun transport issues, I used a loaner gun,
    my shooting partner took his inherited grandfather’s pair of 1907
    Churchill sidelocks. As he desired to shoot the pair, as a pair,
    he used a “loader”, who happened to be the game keeper’s son.
    My friend is an excellent shot, based on many years of breaking clays.
    in various disciplines.
    I can assure you that watching him live a lifer long dream, and doing it well,
    was, indeed, a thing of beauty.
    In regard to your possible distain for those who follow another’s pointers,
    I offer this: in November I am traveling to Texas to hunt wild Bobwhite.
    As you well know, wild Bobwhite hunting, these days, is a rare commodity.
    After several years of no quai hunting, on this ranch, due to low drought
    induced bird numbers, last year, with the help of good rainfall,
    was said to have been “the best year since the 70’s”.
    In fact, they were moving an average of 28 wild covies, per group, per day.
    That’s an insane number.
    So yes, I am going there, and I will happily pay tp play.
    If that makes me a “poser”, then I happily embrace my folly.
    And please, by all means, keep your wicked sense of humor coming.

    1. Nick, thanks for reading and thanks for dropping me a line. You may have noticed that I also included hats with propellers and fanny packs on the list of things that could exclude you from the very exclusive club that is hunting wild birds on public land.
      You strike me as a guy who may at this very moment be wearing a hat with a propeller, so I suspect the loader and the OPP (other people’s pointers) are probably secondary concerns.

      I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the U.K. and had to good fortune to hunt and to “shoot” there as well. It’s a neat place, steeped in tradition, but it is a stretch at best to call driven bird shooting – hunting.

      I know my way around Texas and I’ll give you a pass for following OPP (other people’s pointers) as long as you don’t ride in one of the aforementioned “jacked up 4-wheel-drives” while the OPP pound out the miles for you.

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