12 thoughts on “Tebowing in the sagebrush”

  1. Please explain?
    I haven’t seen this down here. Perhaps some way of regaining body heat?
    We don’t have as cold weather bird hunting generally.

  2. Hmmm I don’t know if anyone of you has taken a public stand for anything. Imagine being 15 years old with all the media and hoopla that comes with being gifted focused on you as an athlete. Imagine too you don’t have much in life and your parents are missionaries, that you are doing what you have been brought up to do. Then go to college and have everyone tell you, can’t make it at that level. Then do it with all the distractions of stardom now on a national level. Win the respect of your peers and your coaches or bosses while you do it. Do all of this at the young age of 20 or 21 become a living legend with two National Championships and a Heisman under your belt. Then at this young age get ridiculed about your skill and ability. While you are in your off time go back to the orphanages in third world countries and help kids. Oh by the way that coach that believed in you is now fired. And the guy that is running the show is a living legend on the field comes out publicly saying you are not the guy. Then go on a professional level and come back and win 6 straight NFL games and take your team to the play offs your first year running.

    Let’s not forget that young man is doing this and every time he bows he gets scoffed at and ridiculed. Sure its a public display the guys grinding their hips, simulating objectionable actions or pretending that they rip their own shirts off that they are supermen. Don’t say a word about that. They are just showing faith in themselves not in a “God” in a place where “God” is even on the tender of the country.

    Now here comes some guys with setters that grassed a few birds. Wanting to get a chuckle out of a young man that hasn’t hurt anyone or done anything wrong other then to be socially not cool. It’s not that I am condoning the public bow of his faith. I have different opinions. It’s just that I am disapointed that in the high escape of bird hunting we have to sneak in the world at the expense of someone that has overcome more at 23 then most at 73.

    I read this blog and post it all over the net. I think that this might be finest upland blog in the world. I love it Smithhammer or the other writers wax on about the road, blood, talking about killing in front of weak kneed liberals. I think the photography is second to none until today.

    Go ahead riducle me as well. I don’t care I have a day job. I have to put dinner on the table. But this post made me lose respect for this site and the people that allowed it to be on here. I hope your days are filled with fun with the rest of the liberal mocking crowd at Saturday Night Live.

    1. Wow, Glenn. First off, let me say that I’m glad you’ve been enjoying MOF up until now, and I’ve enjoyed your comments in the past. But really? “..with the rest of the Liberal mocking crowd at Saturday Night Live?” Honestly, that’s feedback I never thought we would receive on here (or anywhere, for that matter). And frankly, I’d say you’ve leapt to a surprising number of baseless conclusions.

      We thought this would be obvious, but to be clear – the intent here was not malicious, it was not to be mean nor to ridicule. Is it possible that an alternate explanation would be simply that we are emulating a popular cultural icon of the moment, and applying it to our own passion? In fact, doesn’t this actually seem more feasible than your suggestion that we are using this to somehow make some facile, critical point about religion? Is it possible to even be just a little tongue in cheek, without it equating to the nefarious motive you accuse us of? Hmm….

      With all due respect Glenn, imagine that we don’t really take any of this quite so seriously. And you can continue to expect, along with all the other content that you’ve mentioned enjoying, that we will continue to occasionally post silly things like this. Why? Because we like to have fun, Glenn. Sometimes it really is just that simple, with no deeper agenda or meaning.

      And rest assured, we’re hardcore Broncos fans.

  3. Glenn needs to take his views and comments to some political rally or somethin’, and leave us alone here.
    We’re trying to have fun, and he just doesn’t get it.

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