Further Proof That Hunters Just Think Different (as if you needed it)

Background: It’s been a long, wet spring in the northern Rockies, with many places over 200% of normal snowpack. It’s now mid-June, and there have been precious few days that have felt like summer to date. But rather than pining for warm summer days, we have exchanges like this:

Hunter #1: “Well, I don’t want to jump the gun, but….it’s less than three months away…”

Hunter #2: “Funny you mention that, it was the first thing that popped into my head this morning.”

Hunter #1: “Yeah, normally I don’t let myself get excited until after summer solstice.”

Hunter #2: “Take heart – the days will start getting shorter soon…”


Yeah, we’re not right in the head.


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8 responses to “Further Proof That Hunters Just Think Different (as if you needed it)

  1. thanks for the validation.

  2. funny, i just had this conversation

  3. Been scouting three times already, driving up to 200 miles in one day, just to look around. It;s only June! Must be crazy!

  4. Glen Bahde

    We have a calendar we are marking off. And you don’t need to live in the Rockies to feel this. In the south we have had 28 straight days over 96 degrees and most are in triple digits. I long for a cool breeze and tired dog instead of sweat and bored canine.

  5. Jon Uhart

    Summer condition begins now.

  6. George Pretty

    And don’t forget, the Cabela’s big book will arrive soon!

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