Jackets are the answer

It’s cold.
Seeing as it’s winter, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.
Apparently surprises the shit out of a lot of people though.
They are so surprised that many of them forget how to drive, or how to dress, or even how to take it in stride.
They forget how to talk about anything else. Don’t they know there are two weeks left in the quail hunting season? Or that ice on the river concentrates the ducks?

When you live in the Rockies above 5,000 ft, you have to know that’s it’s going to get cold sometimes.
The thing is, so many people never do more than brave the cold between their car and the front door of their office.
It makes them soft.
Unless they’re hunters that is.
If you have pounded through the snow clenching a 7lb chunk of frozen steel in your hands while following a deliriously happy dog, then what’s a little cold weather?
If you have felt your truck do the diagonal slide, where you look a bit like a crooked-gaited hound dog going down the road and asked your buddy, “We have a shovel, right?” Then what’s a little snow on the roads?
If you have knocked the ice off of your fly-rod guides so you could get an extra couple of feet on your cast, or sat shaking in the frigid predawn dark listening to elk, or taken off your gloves to cut the ice balls out of your dog’s toes, then what’s a single digit temperature mean to you?
It’s winter.
It’s what happens in the mountains.
It’s cold.
So what.

– GM

2 thoughts on “Jackets are the answer”

  1. Divorced from nature, nature is always a surprise to those folks. And in those years when the big snows start early and the powder gets deep, it’s a terrible tension between the big Lab dog and cold rivers and sagebrush, or floating down through the effortless powder. There both cold options – so what….

  2. my favorite part about winter and hunting is sleeping on the ground with a tarp over you like a blanket and waking up to a few inches of snow ontop of you like a big conferter. In the morning trying to move the tarp off of you while getting the least amount of snow in your sleeping bag as possible.

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