Category: Grouses

  • Sharp-dressed Bird

    I really like sharptails. If we ever run out of bobwhites in Texico, I’ll probably move north and hunt them fulltime. Looking, first, at some of the sharpie’s kinfolk, I’d classify the ruffed grouse as the haughty blue-blood of the clan. He frequents the upper east and he’s often chased by folks who smoke pipes […]

  • The sounds

    My eyes won’t stop watering. It’s the lack of sleep. Three a.m. wake-ups are by far the biggest drawback to turkey hunting. To stop the spigot, I close my eyes. Surely I’ll hear a gobbler if he lets loose. To make sure, I take an auditory inventory. I start with the close sounds first – […]

  • Camp coffee

    The explosion wakes me from a mostly sleepless night Outside the frost covered hood of my sleeping bag, a raging fire burns My companions are huddled too close to the flames, one clutching a can of Coleman fuel It’s too cold to stay in the bag Out into the biting cold to rummage around for […]

  • Does Not Taste Like Chicken

    Whereby two southern blokes don their riding finery and chase sharptails with fanfare and cheap scatterguns. (Not cooking sharptails)

  • The First

    Killing a wild bird involves nearly flawless insertion into both the time and space continuum, you know, being in the right place at the right time. Trouble was, I’d put the kid into those sweet spots a goodly number of times in the last two seasons in an attempt to get him his first ruffed […]