Rites of Spring

Do you think she’ll remember this the next time she comes across a porcupine?

Of course not.



Filed under Glutton For Punishment, Surviving the off season, The other 7 months of the year.

6 responses to “Rites of Spring

  1. Alan Howell

    Been there .Done that.

  2. Ouch. Haven’t done that. Neither has my dog.

  3. Jon

    Some dogs learn, others seem to want revenge on the porkies and will attack every one they see.

  4. My flusher has an affinity for skunks.. 6 times in 2012. Even shot the whole bunch behind my parents house but the neighbor stinkbombs came in their place. Knuckleheaded SOBs. She still smells like skunk when she’s wet as of June 30, 2013. Hope the new pup isn’t as hard headed but the Magic Eight Ball says “Chances not so good..”
    Can’t even get her to stop attacking the apple tree for f’s sake..

  5. What the! I hope he’s okay now.. My dogs haven’t encountered attacking porkies yet and if that happens I don’t know what to do on it. Knock on the wood.

  6. Im so glad mine has never run into one! If you’d see this quills on ours down here you’d know why. So true though : lesson learnt? Nope.

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