Waiting For Godot (Upland Version)



Late October, overcast. Two hunters are conversing in an SUV, driving through CRP fields somewhere in Idaho. Though it is 35 degrees out, windows are partially rolled down in defense against persistent dog flatulence. As a result, wind turbulence fades in and out in the background throughout the conversation. Both hunters have hardly worked at all for the last month in order to devote more time to chasing birds. Hunter #2, in particular, has hunted something like the last 25 days in a row…

Curtain Rises:

Hunter #1: Talked to Q last night. She said she’s taking tomorrow off.

Hunter #2. Cool.

Hunter #1: She said she’s got some stuff to do in the morning, but it sounds like she’s psyched to hunt the rest of the day.

Hunter #2: I thought you said she was taking the day off?

Hunter #1: Yeah, I did. She’s taking the day off.

Hunter #2: But….you just said she’s going hunting.

Hunter #1: Yeah. She is. She’s taking the day off.

Hunter #2: But…how can she be taking the day off if she’s going hunting?

Hunter #1: (Turning to look at Hunter #2) What? Yeah, she’s taking the day off – taking the day off from work. She has a job.

Hunter #2: Oh….from work….taking the day off from work…gotcha.

(Scene ends with both hunters now quiet and staring ahead at the road, dangling on the precipice of self-examination. Sandhill cranes are heard in the distance.)

Curtain Closes.


– Smithhammer

3 thoughts on “Waiting For Godot (Upland Version)”

  1. My own personal freelancer’s credo, shamelessly lifted from Kenny’s dad on South Park many years ago: “Weekends are meaningless when you’re unemployed.”

    Since self-examination usually turns up nothing more than melanoma and/or depression, I’d highly recommend against it…

  2. Kenny’s dad was some sort of wise Jedi, for sure.

    Post script:

    Hunter #1 and #2 pulled over, escaped the noxious confines of the rig, had a beer, and killed time kicking gravel and discussing the virtues of plated shot. All the while waiting for Q.

    A cheesy reference to oral sex and a nod to one of the most influential plays of the 20th century, all in the same week. That’s right folks, it’s election time, and we’re pandering to one helluva wide demographic.

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