There is just this. Windswept cheatgrass and sage, gradually ascending, wrinkled and folded in places like a well-used blanket. In the distance, steep rock and dark forest and blue grouse and elk and cougar all move under cover, but out here it is only the sheer vastness that aides concealment.

The steady gait of a horse, covering time and distance you’re unaccustomed to on foot; a horse that exudes the sort of disposition you want to take to the horizon. The rhythmic creak of saddle leather mixing with the wind and gurgle of ravens, trading precedence with your thoughts.

Dogs, possessed of incomprehensible drive, vacuuming the arid ground for scent before you. A sudden point – the kind of full speed to a stop that makes you think the dog is going to flip ass over tea kettle with the abruptness of it. Men, horses and dogs all stop in honor. A quick dismount, a few steps forward, a release command. A bird gets up and then tumbles over the knoll.

You can make more of it, if you’re so inclined, but really, sometimes, it is far better when it is just this.

– Smithhammer

9 thoughts on “This.”

  1. Bruce – a new blogger myself yet of kindred spirit with you all here, I am consistently awed with your ability to write. You’re an inspiration to us “duffers” out here! A tip o’ my hat to you sir.

  2. Bruce,

    As alway’s, I check MFOF occassionally, knowing that it will be an uplifting experience, craving only my thirst for another day, until I get the time to hit the road with the dogs again.

    Thanks You are truely gifted

  3. Another great post. Keep it up!

    Any chance we can get a high-resolution version of that photo? A desktop background like that will get me through the work day!

    1. Excellent Bruce, especially this line “The rhythmic creak of saddle leather mixing with the wind and gurgle of ravens, trading precedence with your thoughts.”
      Man thats gooood!!!

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