Things that crack us up.

1) “Pointing” Labs.

2)  That tired old line about your eyes being side by side so your barrels should be too.

3) Woodcock.

4) Breeks.

5) Chat board debates between ruffed grouse and pheasant hunters.

6) Peta

7) Ted Nugent

*Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be taken seriously. We have friends who swear by their “pointing” labs and even some who git all giddy over the notion of chasing what look to me like landlocked sandpipers. Please feel free to post things that crack you up as well, as long as they don’t include making fun of real pointers or good over/unders, ‘cuz that shit ain’t funny…

9 thoughts on “Things that crack us up.”

  1. You guys are just jealous that there are no woodcock in your neck of the woods.

    Now, time to put my breeks on and leash up the pointing lab.

  2. Shorthairs

    Hunting Grouse in South East Alaska

    A Certain Setter Named Winston Churchill

    Planning Our Lives to Revolve Around Bird Hunting

    Reading Mouthful of Feathers Instead of Working

  3. Out of shape hunters who can keep up with their pro trained bird dogs

    Out of shape hunters who don’t understand why they have an empty game bag

    Me realizing the dog and I are out of shape

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