Snakes in the grass

The solstice is weeks away, but the heat has arrived in New Mexico and the prairie rattlers are sun bathing. This guy was hanging out not far from my house last week. It may be the Hopi rattlesnake sub-species, but I’m no herpetologist and that’s only a guess.

It’s time to step carefully and keep the dog on a short rein.


5 thoughts on “Snakes in the grass”

  1. Rattlesnakes are wicked. I often wonder about dog owners who live in rattlesnake country. I would worry about them constantly! Is there canine first aid you can administer yourself for a venomous snakebite?

  2. Sometimes life on this side of the pond seems a tad dull when compared to the variety of flora n fauna that you have over there, this time I think that me and my dog are quite glad of that!

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