A texting duel between chukar hunters

Background: The following is a text conversation between two avid chukar hunters hunting separate states on the same January weekend. DG was in Nevada, a state of abundant chukars. TR was in Wyoming, a state of scarce chukars. The following is further evidence that chukar hunting, particularly late season, drives one to act oddly. Initials are used to protect the guilty.

DG: How’s it going out there?

DG: Got lucky, killed six chukars before 10:30. Great dog work.

TR: Fuck off.

DG: Wow.

TR: No one likes a braggart.

DG: Fuck you. I hunted 2 days hard and never killed a bird. I said I lucked out dude. I did. That ain’t braggin.

TR: Yawn.

DG: WTF? You OK?

DG: Are you serious about this? If you textd me and told me you got into the birds I would have been psyched for you.

TR: Are u queer?

DG: Would luv to see SD and phillip get crushed by the Jets.

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